Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Earth moved, taking Miriam with it...

To some, or perhaps to all, who knows? ... the view I present of myself these last few years must be confusing, if not bewildering, with all the changes and all the paths I have wandered down. I am seeking health, and my view of the world has had some significant changes - spiritually and scientifically - that have changed me.

Recently, it changed again.

Over the past 6 months, I have wandered through trials of raw, of vegan, of flexitarian and nutrarian eating. I have juiced and blended, wokked and steamed. Part of the problem, of course, is that I don't believe in one diet for everyone. And while I have been willing to leave the halls of the low-carbed and low-caloried behind me, I haven't been sure where to go next.

I found myself, oddly enough, revisiting a website of the author of some books I had trouble with about a decade ago. The author espoused a different diet for people based on their blood type. My problem was, I am a type A and he was pushing something almost vegan for that type. Now as we know, with my recent ventures into raw and increasingly vegan cooking, my views on that have changed. So I thought of him and with the power and magic of the internet, went to see what he is up to.

Interestingly enough, he too has grown and changed since I read his first books. I got his new book, The Genotype Diet, earlier this week, right before I came down with a cold that left me in bed with books, TV, and herbal tea my main companions.

His book is fascinating. He further divides each blood type into 3 main genotypes and even posits variations in those. One of the genotypes for blood type A, the Explorer, isn't quite vegan. And the description of this genotype - right down to my sensitivity to perfume and cigarettes, my sulfa drug allergy, and several other health anomalies that no one can explain - all fit this genotype. The red meat that is best for this genotype is Lamb, which is one of the meats I've been unable to give up, which I find fascinating.

So I am slowly over the next few weeks, moving towards a trial of this food plan to see what it does for me. With all my raw, juicing, mostly vegan and eat to live food plan, I still have yet to lose any weight in the last 4 months, although with the addition of hypnosis I have managed to drink more water, exercise more, and go down a pants size.

I'm going to be better about keeping records of this trial. I want there to be no mistake about what happens for me. I'm going to record my feelings and health changes here, and I will use the "green miri" blog as a place to post my food plans and menus. I think this should really help me to see the changes in me. I hope to give this trial 90 days at least.

You should know up front, before you run out to buy the book, that it doesn't have all the information I will need for this trial. It is, in fact, a given that to really follow this plan, you have to join the website. The book is full of the science, but the food lists are listed as incomplete, and there are no menus or recipes. Before you respond with howls of outrage, I have to say - the book was not expensive, and I'm OK with needing to pay some dues to get the rest of the info. God knows I paid more upfront for the diet center my doctor had me join this time last year, and I got a lot less from them. (A one size fits all diet that didn't fit me). The website is said to be about $4 a week, and a 3 month subscription is how it is billed. So about $50-60 up front. Once again, cheaper or comparable to other sites and plans I have followed.

I'm still fighting off a cold, and I have some foods to finish up that I will be eliminating during this trial, so I can't have the official start until then. I'll keep you posted - and I hope to take another video with Vince to signify the start of this trial. And maybe I'll finally post the November and December video clips, which I have yet to do.

OK, I'm off to rest up, get well, and be ready to start this trial. Talk to you soon...

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