Friday, December 05, 2008

Developing and Preparing

This has been a good week - a week of smoothies or fresh juices in the mornings, salad with homemade hummus for lunch, fruit or a smoothie in the afternoon, and salad plus something, sometimes something cooked, in the evening. I've paid a lot of attention to avoiding wheat and dairy, and I've definitely started to feel better.

I haven't lost any weight though. My scale is going between 241 and 243, alternately, although today just for perversity it was 242. I'm really ready for the 230s, gang...

I've been reading more about green juices, and I feel that I am getting ready to do more of a cleanse than I've been doing. I'm taking vacation between Xmas and New Year's, as I so love to do, and I think I am going to be all raw for it, and maybe even mostly liquid. As long as I keep my blood sugar steady and get a reasonable number of calories, I don't see the problem with that, and I see great benefit to it. Between now and then I need to try a number of the recipes that I will be using for the smoothies and blended soups so there are no surprises.

I feel a great excitement and also some fear about doing this. But mostly excitement; I really want to do this. Part of me doesn't want to stop eating some of my favorite cooked foods... not even for a few weeks or a month. But most of me is tired of being sick, and fat, and tired... I know that already, in the few months since I started drinking the green smoothies, I have lost some weight, gotten a new glow to my skin, and have greater energy. In fact, this week with the greater percentage of raw foods in my intake, I have noticed a reduced need for sleep! Amazing.

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