Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cooking experiments abound

So, I haven't really written about this much - but I recently went much more seriously gluten-free and dairy-free for my health, and have started adding more raw foods to my intake. I'm into a second month - or maybe more, I've lost count! - of having a green smoothie every day. I've purchased a juicer and started not only juicing things, but juicing them in certain orders so I can snag the pulp for use in other recipes (carrot pulp is especially awesome!)

I find myself in an odd place, almost a semi-raw vegan, although I still sometimes have been eating meat... but meat isn't tasting so good right now. I think that willy-nilly I am joining the vegan world.

Yesterday I made falafel balls in the oven that used brown rice flour and carrot pulp as binder. They came out amazingly good. I'll be freezing those to go in my lunches. I had to find a recipe for them because lately I've been ignoring my lunches to go to falafel king for Greek salad and falafel and tahini, which honestly I could bring from home..... especially since the feta is so tempting, and they always offer me pita bread. Sigh. I know, not really raw - but 6 months ago I still ate no fruit and hardly any veggies... I am so much healthier now that its amazing.

100% raw is something I'm not thinking about right now. I think someday maybe, but right now I have to have some brown rice and some felafel, and tahini also. That sort of thing. I don't know what's up with all this, but I get to cut myself some major slack as I walk through these changes. Oh, and I gave up sugar. Did I even mention that? It's funny, that used to be my main addiction. Now I'd rather have some dates stuffed with raw almond butter than a Hostess cupcake.... who knew it would come to this?

As I sit here writing, I've just finished a second cup of green smoothie - this morning's was blueberry-spinach- coconut water. This one was more complex, peach with spinach and raw cashews, and a squeeze of raw agave over it before I attached the cup to the magic bullet. I can't believe how good the cashews are as a milk. I mean, I knew about the almond butter - raw almond butter and a date buzzed with coffee on the days I must have a cup nets me an incredibly scrumptious latte. But last night I had frozen peaches with cashews and dates and some extra ice - an incredible "ice cream"!!!

So, I will check back later and tell you how this is going. Vince took a video of me on the day the juicer arrived, and we are going to one once a month so I can see my progress, that should be fun.

I don't know if anyone reads my blog, but its very helpful for me to do this process.

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