Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Forever and a Day

Ok, I have wandered far and not blogged forever. I was failing and my health was getting worse.

There is a new blog specifically about my current weight loss and journey here:

Miri and the Magic Belt

Meantime, in the last few years, all sorts of amazing things that are not related to food have happened.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Much later, still here....

It's so funny to read old blog posts! I am not the person I was, that is for sure. Big changes are coming, but I'm wondering if I should start a fresh blog for it since no one is following this poor old one!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Earth moved, taking Miriam with it...

To some, or perhaps to all, who knows? ... the view I present of myself these last few years must be confusing, if not bewildering, with all the changes and all the paths I have wandered down. I am seeking health, and my view of the world has had some significant changes - spiritually and scientifically - that have changed me.

Recently, it changed again.

Over the past 6 months, I have wandered through trials of raw, of vegan, of flexitarian and nutrarian eating. I have juiced and blended, wokked and steamed. Part of the problem, of course, is that I don't believe in one diet for everyone. And while I have been willing to leave the halls of the low-carbed and low-caloried behind me, I haven't been sure where to go next.

I found myself, oddly enough, revisiting a website of the author of some books I had trouble with about a decade ago. The author espoused a different diet for people based on their blood type. My problem was, I am a type A and he was pushing something almost vegan for that type. Now as we know, with my recent ventures into raw and increasingly vegan cooking, my views on that have changed. So I thought of him and with the power and magic of the internet, went to see what he is up to.

Interestingly enough, he too has grown and changed since I read his first books. I got his new book, The Genotype Diet, earlier this week, right before I came down with a cold that left me in bed with books, TV, and herbal tea my main companions.

His book is fascinating. He further divides each blood type into 3 main genotypes and even posits variations in those. One of the genotypes for blood type A, the Explorer, isn't quite vegan. And the description of this genotype - right down to my sensitivity to perfume and cigarettes, my sulfa drug allergy, and several other health anomalies that no one can explain - all fit this genotype. The red meat that is best for this genotype is Lamb, which is one of the meats I've been unable to give up, which I find fascinating.

So I am slowly over the next few weeks, moving towards a trial of this food plan to see what it does for me. With all my raw, juicing, mostly vegan and eat to live food plan, I still have yet to lose any weight in the last 4 months, although with the addition of hypnosis I have managed to drink more water, exercise more, and go down a pants size.

I'm going to be better about keeping records of this trial. I want there to be no mistake about what happens for me. I'm going to record my feelings and health changes here, and I will use the "green miri" blog as a place to post my food plans and menus. I think this should really help me to see the changes in me. I hope to give this trial 90 days at least.

You should know up front, before you run out to buy the book, that it doesn't have all the information I will need for this trial. It is, in fact, a given that to really follow this plan, you have to join the website. The book is full of the science, but the food lists are listed as incomplete, and there are no menus or recipes. Before you respond with howls of outrage, I have to say - the book was not expensive, and I'm OK with needing to pay some dues to get the rest of the info. God knows I paid more upfront for the diet center my doctor had me join this time last year, and I got a lot less from them. (A one size fits all diet that didn't fit me). The website is said to be about $4 a week, and a 3 month subscription is how it is billed. So about $50-60 up front. Once again, cheaper or comparable to other sites and plans I have followed.

I'm still fighting off a cold, and I have some foods to finish up that I will be eliminating during this trial, so I can't have the official start until then. I'll keep you posted - and I hope to take another video with Vince to signify the start of this trial. And maybe I'll finally post the November and December video clips, which I have yet to do.

OK, I'm off to rest up, get well, and be ready to start this trial. Talk to you soon...

Friday, December 05, 2008

Developing and Preparing

This has been a good week - a week of smoothies or fresh juices in the mornings, salad with homemade hummus for lunch, fruit or a smoothie in the afternoon, and salad plus something, sometimes something cooked, in the evening. I've paid a lot of attention to avoiding wheat and dairy, and I've definitely started to feel better.

I haven't lost any weight though. My scale is going between 241 and 243, alternately, although today just for perversity it was 242. I'm really ready for the 230s, gang...

I've been reading more about green juices, and I feel that I am getting ready to do more of a cleanse than I've been doing. I'm taking vacation between Xmas and New Year's, as I so love to do, and I think I am going to be all raw for it, and maybe even mostly liquid. As long as I keep my blood sugar steady and get a reasonable number of calories, I don't see the problem with that, and I see great benefit to it. Between now and then I need to try a number of the recipes that I will be using for the smoothies and blended soups so there are no surprises.

I feel a great excitement and also some fear about doing this. But mostly excitement; I really want to do this. Part of me doesn't want to stop eating some of my favorite cooked foods... not even for a few weeks or a month. But most of me is tired of being sick, and fat, and tired... I know that already, in the few months since I started drinking the green smoothies, I have lost some weight, gotten a new glow to my skin, and have greater energy. In fact, this week with the greater percentage of raw foods in my intake, I have noticed a reduced need for sleep! Amazing.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cooking experiments abound

So, I haven't really written about this much - but I recently went much more seriously gluten-free and dairy-free for my health, and have started adding more raw foods to my intake. I'm into a second month - or maybe more, I've lost count! - of having a green smoothie every day. I've purchased a juicer and started not only juicing things, but juicing them in certain orders so I can snag the pulp for use in other recipes (carrot pulp is especially awesome!)

I find myself in an odd place, almost a semi-raw vegan, although I still sometimes have been eating meat... but meat isn't tasting so good right now. I think that willy-nilly I am joining the vegan world.

Yesterday I made falafel balls in the oven that used brown rice flour and carrot pulp as binder. They came out amazingly good. I'll be freezing those to go in my lunches. I had to find a recipe for them because lately I've been ignoring my lunches to go to falafel king for Greek salad and falafel and tahini, which honestly I could bring from home..... especially since the feta is so tempting, and they always offer me pita bread. Sigh. I know, not really raw - but 6 months ago I still ate no fruit and hardly any veggies... I am so much healthier now that its amazing.

100% raw is something I'm not thinking about right now. I think someday maybe, but right now I have to have some brown rice and some felafel, and tahini also. That sort of thing. I don't know what's up with all this, but I get to cut myself some major slack as I walk through these changes. Oh, and I gave up sugar. Did I even mention that? It's funny, that used to be my main addiction. Now I'd rather have some dates stuffed with raw almond butter than a Hostess cupcake.... who knew it would come to this?

As I sit here writing, I've just finished a second cup of green smoothie - this morning's was blueberry-spinach- coconut water. This one was more complex, peach with spinach and raw cashews, and a squeeze of raw agave over it before I attached the cup to the magic bullet. I can't believe how good the cashews are as a milk. I mean, I knew about the almond butter - raw almond butter and a date buzzed with coffee on the days I must have a cup nets me an incredibly scrumptious latte. But last night I had frozen peaches with cashews and dates and some extra ice - an incredible "ice cream"!!!

So, I will check back later and tell you how this is going. Vince took a video of me on the day the juicer arrived, and we are going to one once a month so I can see my progress, that should be fun.

I don't know if anyone reads my blog, but its very helpful for me to do this process.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Testosterone and the internet

Don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are men. But what is it about the large world of the internet that causes men to hit on women they don't know? Or is it something I don't experience because I don't go to bars, and the internet is just a new manifestation of it?

I mean, other sites besides facebook, it has been worse. From improper suggestions of the most obscene sort to offers of marriage if I will help raise their children, the offers are numerous and show signs of being a sort of mass mailing. Even on a dating site, some friends and I noted that we received the same "personal" letter from a man. And considering that I am in my late forties, and make no pretense about being a larger body size than is fashionable in our society, I can only wonder what it is like for the young and slender!

What brings this on is my latest encounter with the male ego, on facebook.

The facebook encounter was at least a real person, but still ! Picture this; man on facebook with no picture on his profile sends a friend request . I google the listed name and come up with someone in Hawaii, but no one living near me. Grant you, the man shows as having friends in common with me, but when I say to him, I don't believe we've ever met, he sends me, in a message, the names of 5 friends we have in common and the city, Denver, which I have listed as my location, tersely, as phrases, with no other information. That information was all easily available to him from facebook, not from real life.

I check in with my roommate, get a description, and we conclude that I have indeed never met him. I message him back and tell him that I don't know him and he replies irately at being asked to provide proof of who he is, mentions places I've never been as proof that we have met, and tells me to have a nice life, withdrawing the request to "friend" me.

I've definitely not met him, but now have concluded that he has me confused with a certain woman I know of, so I write back to him and tell him that. So that he won't snub the poor woman the next time he goes to these places he's mentioned that I don't frequent. Her name is similar to mine, and we are both short, round, and dark haired…

So why my discomfort at all this? Never mind that I will probably meet the poor bloke at some party in future… I guess it was the inference of entitlement that went with his request. Facebook is a site where one's name is in clear, not a user name. Where one connects to real life friends. I'm enjoying this immensely still, in my third week of membership. I have reconnected with friends from long ago, current friends, and both former and present co-workers. But I have no reason to connect as a friend to someone that I am not acquainted with, even if said person knows a number of my friends. No one is entitled to have me friend them simply because they ask, and I'm not in the habit of adding people that I don't know. Perhaps it was the arrogant assumption that I would be glad to claim another friend? I don't know, but for some reason, it really caused me to stop and think about my online connections.

It's interesting to me, because what I mostly have gotten from women who accost me online are requests for information, and information fairly easy to get by using a search engine like google. They also have a sense of entitlement, and are irate when I suggest that the search engine will give them the answers they seek without wasting large amounts of my time… I get the same attitude that the man gave me about telling me who he was.

In the first of Eric Flint's Grantville novels he comments on the difference between Americans and peasants from the 1600s as having in part to do with that sense of entitlement (and the rest to do with hygiene and regular feeding, one intuits). The feeling that we are as good as other people is a good thing, to my mind, but the lack of acknowledgement that someone that we are not acquainted with doesn't want to drop everything and help us with our personal concerns is a definite failing…

Saturday, December 09, 2006

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Company Xmas party last night... size 18 elegant dress - V got a new dress shirt in complementary colors... we got many compliments. (People really noticed the weight loss.) And, I danced and my face didn't get all red - I didn't get all hot and tired, and we danced much much more than last year...

I also won a gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods; just in time, I've joined a gym and my first session with my personal trainer is Monday...

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